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On July 5, Kazakhstan showcased its tourism opportunities and the upcoming World Nomad Games to foreign diplomats and journalists. The event, as part of the “Sports – Ambassador of the World” exhibition, was held at Kazakhstan Athletics Sports Complex in Astana.

Fifth World Nomadic Games

Event overview

Scheduled from September 8 to 13, the fifth World Nomad Games will feature over 2,000 participants from 89 countries across 21 sports. Following the linear principle for venue placement, the Games will be held at seven venues in Astana.

Cultural significance

The aim of the games is to revive and preserve the culture of the nomadic people and to develop national sports. The event will boost local tourism and provide an opportunity for the youth to engage with the country’s history.

Ethno-Village: The Universe of Nomads

cultural experience

An ethno-village will be established in Astana, offering immersive experiences of Kazakh culture and traditions. The village will feature yurts from different regions, showcasing their unique cultural and tourist features. Foreign creative teams will also present their native culture.

Tourism potential of Kazakhstan

Presentation highlights

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Sports, Yerzhan Yerkinbayev, presented Kazakhstan’s tourism industry, highlighting a variety of opportunities including adventure, ecotourism, gastronomy and cultural tourism. He ranked the country 52nd in the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024.

future prospects

The presentation emphasized ongoing efforts to market and promote Kazakhstan’s tourism, particularly in developing regions such as Mangystau. The country has seen a significant increase in tourists, with post-pandemic numbers rebounding strongly.

Challenges and Opportunities

Marketing and Development

While Kazakhstan is attracting more visitors for conferences and business, marketing efforts need to be increased. The presentation outlined plans to develop tourism on the Caspian coast and highlighted the successful growth in tourists after the “Year of Kazakhstan Tourism in China”.


Kazakhstan’s presentation of the World Nomad Games and its tourism potential to an international audience underscores its rich cultural heritage and commitment to sustainable tourism development. Continued efforts to promote the upcoming Games and tourism are set to enhance Kazakhstan’s status as a global destination.

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