If you like high-quality Clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories but don’t enjoy paying retail prices, Nordstrom’s much-anticipated anniversary sale should be on your radar. Think of it as flying business class but paying economy prices.

The sale comes only once a year, and while it’s only open to those with a high level of status in the Nordic Club, eventually, everyone can shop without the need for special status or a specific credit card.

This sale is special, not just because it’s a markdown of this season’s leftovers. Instead, it offers significant discounts (often around 30% to 40%) on items you can use year-round for the coming season or that are rarely on sale outside of this annual event.

No skill required to visit nordstrom.com Or go to the nearest brick-and-mortar where in-person shopping is possible and buy these items on sale. But after all, this is TPG, so we want to help you take Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals to the next level with a little strategy.

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Shop fast

The best deals on the most popular items sell out fast.

Need new shoes? The perfect winter jacket? Cool hydro flask color? That perfect carry-on?

Whatever you want or need, Browse available items online now. Don’t waste any time: You can add items to your wish list now and then check out the first day you’re eligible to shop the sale. You can always return something that doesn’t work, but things sell out quickly so it’s better to over-order than miss out.

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Buy early with a suitable credit card

Nordstrom’s annual sales are very popular, and hot items can and do sell out quickly.

Nordstrom allows those with status to shop early. Otherwise, you may have to wait longer to be able to make a purchase.

If you have a Nordstrom credit card, it will unlock influencer status to shop a little earlier. Think of this special access as a Pre-boarding perks, but instead of getting an extra 15 minutes of glory by sitting before everyone else on the plane, you get days of advance shopping and fewer sell-outs. People with high elite status on the Nordi Club and credit card can shop even earlier than people with just a Nordstrom credit card.

The first shopping dates for this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are:

  • July 9: Signs
  • July 10: Ambassadors
  • July 11: Influencers
  • July 15: Everyone

If this makes you want to add a Nordstrom card to your wallet, know that the two are different Nordstrom card available. There’s the Nordstrom Retail Store Card that you can only use at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, and the Nordstrom Visa that you can use anywhere Visa is accepted.

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While there are many differences between the two cards in terms of the number of points you’ll earn and where the card can be used, one major difference is how the cards count toward Chase’s “5/24” rule. The Nordstrom Retail Card has a leg up where it belongs can not Count against your 5/24 number because it’s a retailer-specific store card. This is not a guarantee, but at least there is a chance.

The Nordstrom Visa, on the other hand, will allow you to top up your points earnings on all Nordstrom purchases at a rate of 3 points per dollar spent in-store, but your approval on the card will almost certainly count toward that famous 5/24 number. We say Maybe not Just because there are reports that store cards increasingly count toward Chase’s 5/24 rule, we can’t promise it won’t happen.

If you plan to apply for more Chase cards in the next 24 months, and this one will tip you more than 5/24, you may want to skip the early access sale. Play it safe and prioritize those other rewards credit cards.

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Earn double points

If you have a Nordstrom card or access to your own personal “double point days,” thanks to your status with The Nordy Club, the day you place your big sale order is a really good day to use the bonus.


See prices even after you order

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is usually one of the better sales we see all year, but that doesn’t always mean that everything is on sale for the lowest possible price during the sale. Nordstrom has a policy of adjusting the price of an item you purchase within 10 days of the shipment date if a lower price becomes available through Nordstrom or selected competitors.

Earn bonus points or rewards

If it happens to you, Shop through online shopping portals to get additional rewards for your purchases. Many popular shopping rebate sites, such as Rakuten, sometimes feature Nordstrom.


Nordstrom often offers about 2% cash back in Rakuten. You can also earn additional miles or rewards by purchasing Nordstrom gift cards in the United Airlines MileagePlus X app or at retailers that sell gift cards, such as office supply stores and grocery stores.

You can buy Nordstrom gift cards at low prices on Amazon by taking advantage of some available offers that give you discounts on Amazon purchases by using some credit card points.


Shipping is free, so try 2 sizes or colors

Nordstrom’s website offers free shipping, so if you’re shopping online, try on two sizes or colors so you’re not disappointed if your first size doesn’t work and the item is sold out. You can send items that don’t work to Nordstrom for free.

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Look for stackable discounts

In the past, we’ve seen deals like $20 off your first Nordstrom app purchase of $150 or more and bonus Nordstrom gift card offers when you buy a certain number of Nordstrom gift cards.


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Bottom line

If you’re a fan of getting good deals on high-quality items, this is a great sale that only happens once a year.

I take full advantage of these sales for my family year after year. I won’t try to convince you that Nordstrom is an economical merchant, but its return policy is one of the best in the business. If you buy clothes for the winter or a bag for your upcoming trips that doesn’t work (or if something doesn’t meet your standards), you can return it almost anytime.

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