Monday, July 1, 2024

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“Victoria Park Celebrates the Return of Hong Kong” “See the Spectacular and Kaleidoscopic China” in Victoria Park, Hong Kong and Deyang, captivating the audience with its unique charm. The exhibition offers a fully immersive experience, allowing visitors to see the archaeological wonders of Sanxingdui through a VR interactive cabin. Attendees can purchase delightful Sanxingdui cultural and creative products, witness the intricate skills of intangible cultural heritage, and enjoy various specialty food stalls. The event offers a perfect blend of Deyang’s beautiful cityscape and the mysterious charm of Sanxingdui culture.

Sanxingdui is the star attraction in Deyang’s performance. The Sanxingdui VR interactive cabin lets visitors virtually “walk” into the archaeological site, experiencing new techniques used in excavations. By scanning the Sanxingdui Museum’s QR code, visitors can marvel at artifacts such as a more than 2-meter bronze statue, a bronze mask with bulging eyes and large ears, and a mask with about 85% gold content. This immersive experience brings ancient Shu culture to life.

The exhibition also features more than 40 cultural and creative products from the Sanxingdui Museum, including the “Chuan Shu Xiaodui” blind box, “Long Hu Xun” tea set, bronze bird plush toys and bronze standing man figures, all of which are popular with visitors. .

Local specialties and traditional crafts are also displayed, such as Mianzhou New Year paintings, Deyang Chaozhou-style round fences, Luojiang soybean meat, eight delicious sticky cakes, and Changlin century eggs. These local delicacies and heritage skills attract many attendees to see, taste and buy. The exhibition highlights Deyang’s cultural landmarks, including China Dried Noodle Village, China Mianzu New Year Painting Village, Sanxingdui and Long Men Xi Dian International Tourism Resort.

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