Monday, July 1, 2024

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Almost a third of Brits adjusted their holiday plans following the announcement of a snap UK general election in May, according to new research from Travel Counsellors, the UK’s largest and fastest growing technology platform for travel entrepreneurs connecting over 2,000 independent business owners.

Despite the impact of the general election on some holiday plans, research suggests the travel sector will remain strong over the next 12 months. A remarkable 85% of respondents indicated they would spend as much or more on travel in the next year than they did in the previous year. Travel is set to remain the top spending priority for Brits, overtaking other discretionary categories such as fashion, dining and home and garden renovations.

A survey of 2,000 nationally representative respondents revealed that:

– 16% of Brits have changed their holiday plans to be in the UK during the general election to vote in person.
– Another 14% have adjusted their holiday plans to be around during the build-up and election, considering it an important moment for the UK.
– In addition, 15% have planned their summer holidays around the Euros and Olympics, choosing destinations where they can watch the events in person. This is supported by booking data from Travel Counsellors, which shows a more than doubling of consumer bookings to Germany in June.

Steve Byrne, CEO of Travel Counsellors, commented on the findings: “Demand for summer holidays and travel remains exceptionally strong, our research suggests it is a top spending priority for consumers. This year, a significant number of people are making plans around major events such as the Euros, the Olympics and the general election.

“At Travel Counsellors, we have seen very strong booking trends and consumer demand in the first half of the year, underscoring the sustained and growing importance of holidays in providing much-needed escape and relaxation opportunities.”

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