Wondering how to spend a weekend in Porto, Portugal? In this Porto city break guide, I’ll show you where to stay, play and eat – from cruising on the Douro River, the Porto Cathedral, where to see the famous azulejos tiles and much more in this 2 day Porto itinerary.

A weekend in Porto? You might be wondering how on earth it’s possible to fit in all of this city’s exciting attractions in just two days. That’s exactly why I’ve developed this Porto travel guide.

I’ve been wanting to visit Porto for almost a year now after seeing a photo of the mesmerising azulejos tiles. However, most people I spoke to had no idea where Porto was or when they thought of Portugal. They only thought of Lisbon. And it seems everyone and their cat is visiting Lisbon now. Porto is Portugal’s second-largest city, and it comes with all the history, vibrance and allure of Lisbon minus the crowds, and price-gouging.

Not having yet gained the notoriety of other more well-known European cities, it’s not as expensive as Paris or London. And, it’s not as filled with tour groups and tourists in cities like Prague.

So, excitedly after spending hours drooling over beautiful photos of the Ribeira and the Douro Valley, I booked my flight for a weekend in Porto Portugal. After returning, I have to admit that I had such an amazing time there.

Porto won me over with its old-world charm, beautiful buildings, friendly locals and delicious food. Ooh and Port wine, how could I forget the port wine?

It’s a traditional city in comparison with Lisbon, having a slower pace with locals relaxing outside coffee shops and restaurants in the cool evening air, discussing hot topics and current events as the sun sets over the Douro River.

I can’t wait to revisit Porto next year, maybe do a Portugal road trip of sorts. If you’re pondering a trip to the romantic city, or have already purchased your ticket and don’t know where to begin, then I’ve got you covered. With so much history lingering in the cobble-stone streets, and so many gorgeous sights to see, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

If you want to travel smart and make the most of the time on your Porto city break, then you’ll want to have a good idea of where to stay, play and eat. So, read this Porto travel guide, pack your favourite luggage set, and get ready to explore the enchanting city.

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Ooh and Port wine, how could I forget the port wine

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