My experience on the Marrakech to Zagora tour

My trip with a 2 day desert tour from Marrakech was an odyssey that took me from the bustling chaos of the city to the profound tranquility of the Sahara.

With a sensory overload of sights and sounds from the bustling Djemaa el-Fna square to the labyrinthine souks, Marrakech was an exciting start.

From the start, our guide Fatah was a fountain of stories bridging the cultural divide with his fluency in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

As we traveled from Marrakech to the High Atlas Mountains, the landscape changed dramatically, from lush green valleys to perfect, orange dunes, each mile revealing another layer of Morocco's diverse beauty.

Our route took us through the cinematic Ait Benhaddu, across the lush palm groves of the Dra Valley and into the heart of Zagora, where the pulse of the desert began to beat in sync with my own.

The camel ride, though uncomfortable at first, became a rhythm I tuned into as we trekked up to our camp. That night in the silence of the desert, I realized the true meaning of peace.

The silence was a stark contrast to the vibrancy of Marrakech, a stillness so profound that even the stars seemed to pause and revere it. Our nomadic tents provided a reassuring end to a pleasant day.

Waking up before dawn the next day, we were greeted by the sunrise playing with shadows on the hills, a natural spectacle of light and life. After a hearty breakfast, we bid farewell to the desert, retracing our steps to the city before riding back to the threshold of civilization on camelback.

As we departed, the tranquility of the desert gripped me, a stark contrast to the newly built cacophony of Marrakech.

The trip was not just a trip but a transformative experience, revealing the multifaceted soul of Morocco. And while the comforts of a desert camp were basic, they were authentic, a true nomadic embrace that luxury couldn't replicate.

For anyone visiting Marrakech, an adventure to Zagora is a must. It offers a different side to Morocco, a canvas of tranquility against the vivid tapestry of city life.

Zagora Desert Morocco offers more than just sand and silence; It has stories, stability and excellence, waiting at its heart for those willing to ride the camel.

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