Friday, July 5, 2024

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With just over three months until the next edition, registration is now open for IMEX America, North America’s largest trade show for the global business events industry. Following the success of IMEX Frankfurt in May, advanced technology and customer journey improvements boosted satisfaction ratings and NPS scores, setting the stage for an even better experience at IMEX America from October 8-10.

This year’s show addresses key market influences, including attendee behaviors, budget constraints and technology investments. According to Conven, meetings and events held Tuesday through Thursday now account for nearly 80% of their revenue, generating significantly more business than other days. This increased competition for peak days forces organizers with tight budgets. IMEX America’s Business Practices Education Track will address these challenges, providing valuable insights for event planners.

The increasing role of technology in event design and attendee experience is evident. The Northstar/Covenant Meetings Industry Pulse survey shows that 42% of planners have increased their spending on event tech and support this year. At IMEX America, attendees will benefit from hands-on tech sessions and one-on-one support from exhibitors covering AI, data and future innovations.

The show promises significant impact with strong exhibitor interest from North and South America and global hotel groups. Key industry partners including Google Xi and Encore will return with new activations. Last year, IMEX America attracted more than 3,400 exhibitors and more than 5,300 buyers from 150+ countries. This year, the IMEX Impact Talking Point focuses on equipping organizers with the tools, knowledge and contacts to deliver meaningful events that drive change.

“The show’s tagline, ‘Let’s Go!’, invites the entire events industry, especially innovators and thought leaders, to Las Vegas to supercharge their businesses and communities,” says IMEX CEO Carina Bauer. “Our team spends months engaging with industry leaders to tackle their biggest challenges and deliver a high-value experience. We bring together the best experts, partners and speakers to create dynamic, impactful events. Our rallying cry for the global events community – seasoned professionals and new faces alike – is to join us, seize the opportunities and make a difference,” adds Bauer.

IMEX Americas 2024 promises to be a transformative event for the global business events industry, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning and growth.

IMEX Americas 2024, the largest trade show for the global business events industry in North America, will be held October 8-10 in Las Vegas. Following the success of IMEX Frankfurt, this year’s event will feature enhanced technology and customer journey improvements, addressing market influences such as changing attendee behaviors and budget constraints. The travel trade show will provide valuable insights through its business practice education track and practical tech sessions. With strong exhibitor interest and key industry partners, IMEX Americas 2024 aims to equip organizers with the tools, knowledge and contacts to deliver impactful events that drive positive change.

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