Of all the airline loyalty statuses, few are more prestigious than United Airlines Global Services, the airline’s ultra-special tier for its most valuable customers. From dropping Premier 1K elite members down the upgrade list to accommodate Global Services customers to Jaguar ground transfers, this unreleased status tier is packed with perks.

We got a chance to learn all about the status tier from a global service member, including the benefits and how to qualify.

Here’s what you need to know about United Global Services.

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United Airlines Global Services Elite Status Benefits

Global Services upgrades are prioritized over upgrades for Premier 1K, Premier Platinum, Premier Gold and Premier Silver members. Kyle Olsen/The Points Guy

Here’s a look at some of the key benefits of United Global Services status:

As you’d expect, Global Services members also receive all the benefits of Premier 1K status, including more miles earned per dollar spent on flights; three complimentary checked bags weighing up to 70 pounds each; Star Alliance Gold Status; Premier Access (which includes priority boarding, check-in and bag handling, plus access to fast-track security lanes when available); the ability to use additional PlusPoints to skip the waitlist; Instant Y, B or M fare upgrade on some flights; Marriott Gold Elite status; and Avis President’s Club status.

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However, global services status is much more than earning extra miles on a paid ticket or getting extra checked baggage. Instead, global services mean the entire United team is looking out for you to ensure you have the best experience. Our Global Services reader refers to these moments as “surprise and delight.”

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Here is an example:

Our Global Services reader was once en route to Denver International Airport (DEN) and received a voicemail saying his 2pm flight would be delayed due to a mechanical issue (even though the United app hadn’t been updated yet). The Global Services team proactively booked them on the 4 pm flight. By the time they reached security, the 2 o’clock flight was in rolling delay, and the 4 o’clock backup seat was a testament to the Global Services team’s ability to proactively minimize inconvenience.

For some members, this type of support alone makes the position of Global Services worth it.

How to qualify for United Global Services

Premium Plus on the reconfigured Boeing 767-400ER. Kyle Olsen/The Points Guy

There are four primary ways to qualify for Global Services status, although United only publishes the first two on its website.

4 million lifetime flight miles

You a Lifetime global services member once you earn 4 million lifetime flight miles.

To put this into context, you’d have to fly 1,654 paid, nonstop United flights from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Washington, DC to earn 4 million lifetime flight miles. That’s almost a year’s worth of hours in the sky.

This is the only published way to become a Lifetime Global Services member.

Companion nomination

If you’re a United Million Miler (starting with 1 million lifetime flight miles), you can send one of your household members to your Current The status means that if you have Global Services status, you can nominate one person to receive Global Services, regardless of how you earned your earnings.

Here’s how three people can become Global Services members with one membership, creating a Global Services chain:

  • Person a: Has global services status and is also a million miler
  • Person b: Person A is also a global services nominee and a million miler
  • person c: Person B’s nominee and not a million miler

In this unique example, Person B and Person C can obtain global services status from Person A. This can make the program attractive to family members living at the same address.

Passplus nomination

United PassPlus is a prepaid business travel product with special pricing and travel benefits. By prepaying for travel, business customers get more advantageous prices and amenities. PassPlus customers can use the United Jetstream portal to access reporting and request travel features. PassPlus offers two types of programs: Flex (best for last-minute booking customers) and Secure (best for value customers looking for flexibility).

When you invest $50,000 a year in the PassPlus program, United typically gives you a Global Services nomination.

Invitation to the program

Finally, United may, at its discretion, invite you to the Global Service Program. Reports vary considerably but generally indicate that you must spend more than $60,000 per year with an airline to be invited into the program. In addition to the dollar amount, United also considers the type of ticket you purchased when evaluating your eligibility for the program. For example, customers who tend to buy last-minute, full-fare, premium-class tickets are more likely to receive invitations than customers who book deeply discounted economy tickets.

Additionally, your home base in United may be a factor in inviting you into the program, as members in non-hub locations may be invited with lower annual costs than hub locations.

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Bottom line

Global Services status unlocks the highest priority level for all United services and benefits if you’ve earned 4 million lifetime flight miles, hold a significant travel contract, spent a significant amount on United flights or were nominated by a household member.

As a Global Services member, you can expect personalized treatment and exceptional service throughout your travels. United’s customer service agents wearing gold scarves or gold ties (the uniform used to denote global services agents) will handle everything you need.

Of course, achieving this status is not easy. But for United’s top customers, it can make a big difference in their travel comfort.

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