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One such company is VinHMS, a Vietnamese hospitality technology leader making waves in Southeast Asia. With its recent acquisition by the Vemanti Group, VinHMS is now setting its sights on global dominance, bringing its award-winning technology solutions to the US market and beyond.

Vietnam tech firm expands into US after acquisition

Key Points:

  • VinHMS, the hospitality technology leader in Southeast Asia, has been acquired by Vemanti Group, a leading technology holding company.
  • The move will make VinHMS a leader in digital solutions for the global hospitality sector, including the US market.
  • VinHMS offers a suite of innovative solutions for hotels, including its flagship CiHMS hospitality management platform.
  • The company is committed to providing an open platform that integrates with various technologies to optimize hotel operations and guest experiences.

VinHMS goes global

VinHMS, a Vietnamese hospitality technology company, has been actively expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia and is now setting its sights on the global stage. Following its acquisition by Vemanti Group, VinHMS is poised to become a major player in the US hospitality industry.

Leveraging its proven track record in Southeast Asia, VinHMS will bring its innovative solutions to US hotel operators. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to providing global innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Award winning technology

VinHMS offers a comprehensive suite of hospitality technology solutions, including:

  • CiHMS: A comprehensive hospitality management platform to streamline operations, increase revenue and enhance guest experiences.
  • CiAMS: A solution for efficient hotel asset management, resource optimization and operational effectiveness.
  • CiTMS: Designed for theme parks to manage operations, ticketing and guest experiences.
  • CiTravel: A digital transformation solution for small hotels to improve services and guest satisfaction.

WinHMS’s commitment to innovation is evident in its participation in industry events such as Hoskar Night Bangkok, showcasing its solutions and staying at the forefront of hospitality trends. The company’s flagship platform, CiHMS, is already trusted by major hotel brands such as Winpearl, Melia, Marriott and Sheraton.

Leading hospitality transformation

VinHMS’s vision is to be a leader in the digital transformation of the hospitality industry, providing innovative solutions that deliver operational excellence and guest satisfaction. The company’s CEO, Mr. Hoang Nguyen, emphasizes the importance of an open platform that allows hotels to innovate and integrate with different technologies for optimal results.

About VinHMS

VinHMS is a leading hospitality technology provider offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for hotels and resorts. The company is committed to transforming the hospitality industry through cutting-edge technology and innovation.

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