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The prestigious Caribbean Media Awards make a triumphant return in 2024, honoring journalists, photographers and digital content creators who capture the magic of the Caribbean. Held during Caribbean Week in New York City, the awards ceremony recognized those who not only share tourism-related news but also weave the rich tapestry of Caribbean culture and experiences.

Innovation for media excellence

After a gap of five years, the awards attracted a talented talent pool covering the region. CTO Chairman Kenneth Bryan highlighted the quality of submissions as boding well for the future of Caribbean media coverage. The judging panel carefully reviewed the entries based on content, structure, language and originality. The works were to be published or broadcast in 2023.

2024 Caribbean Media Awards Winners

The competition saw an array of exceptional work in various categories. Here are some standout winners:

  • Best Feature Article or Story: Brent Pinheiro (CNC3 Television, Trinidad) for “This Week in Travel: Learning the Art of Batik (in St. Kitts)”
  • Diaspora Journalist of the Year: Melissa Noel (Essence Magazine) for her insightful pieces on Trinidad’s carnival, family travel experiences and Grenada’s jab jab tradition.
  • Best News Report: Romardo Lyons (TVJ) for “Coffee Crisis”
  • Best Personal Immersive Story: “Caitlin McNabb (Teen Vogue) for Grenada’s Spicemas Carnival Revolutionizes the Way I Think About My Blackness and My Body”
  • Best photojournalism: Joshua Massey (Guiana) for “Ehin Erin” on Instagram.
  • Best Podcast/Radio: Giovanni Dennis (Radio Jamaica) for “Period Poverty and Climate Change in Jamaica”
  • Best Social Media Campaigns: Jamaica Tourist Board for “Valentine’s Day in Jamaica: Bravo TV’s Summer House, Lindsey Hubbard and Carl Redke”
  • Best Video Production: Brent Pinheiro (CNC3 Television, Trinidad) for “This Week in Travel: Paragliding in Manzanilla”
  • Emerging Journalist of the Year: Brent Pinheiro (CNC3 Television/Trinidad Guardian)

Celebrating storytellers who showcase the allure of the Caribbean

The CTO, along with Secretary-General Donna Regis-Prosper, thanked all the winners and participants. They praised the dedication of these storytellers in highlighting the beauty and allure of the Caribbean. A special thanks was also extended to the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism for their sponsorship and support in revitalizing the awards.

This rewrite condenses the original article while highlighting key points such as the return of awards, the range of categories and some of the winning entries. It also maintains the core message of celebrating media excellence to promote the Caribbean.

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