14 Of the best dessert places in East London to visit now!

I have a terrible sweet tooth and never met a dessert I didn’t like. I have skipped main meals. Just so I could have dessert and a glass of Champers for my dinner.

And when I tell you London is one of the best places to find amazing desserts! Believe me

However, this teeming metropolis is so big that it’s best to narrow down your search and plan your London trip properly.

If you find yourself exploring East London, looking for something deliciously sweet to snack on, then you need to visit some of these popular spots.

The best dessert places in East London come with a wide variety of options, from impeccable Italian gelato to the tastiest cakes you’ll ever enjoy.

When visiting this part of England, make sure to keep this list close to you.

Best Dessert Places in East London

Without further adieu, let’s dive straight into the deliciousness!

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Ice Cream Parlours in East London

There are plenty of great ice cream dessert parlours in London, especially in the Eastern boroughs.

Here you will find the most delectable ice cream, including authentic gelato and more modern takes of this timeless dessert.

Grab a cone and walk around East London; you could even go on a tour of the local street art while enjoying your snack.

La Gelatiera – Park Walk, East Village

With 17 authentic Italian gelato and sorbet flavours to choose from, La Gelatiera is a must-visit for anyone who loves ice cream.

Everything is made by them, on their own premises, using only the highest quality ingredients.

To go the extra mile, La Gelatiera ensures that all their ingredients are fresh and in-season.

This means some flavours might not always be available, but you are guaranteed a fantastic experience every time.

Are you vegan or lactose intolerant? Try one of their many vegan sorbet options. Concerned about excess fat or cholesterol?

All their ice creams are low fat (ranging between 0 – 6%) and do not contain eggs. Head over to La Gelatiera and try some of the best-rated gelatos in London.

Badiani Gelato – Canary Wharf Shopping Centre

Badiani Gelato is another classic Italian gelato shop in East London. The original Badiani shop opened in Florence in 1932 but only spread over to London in 2015.

So now, you can simply head over to the Canary Wharf Shopping Centre to experience true Italian artwork.

All of their gelato flavours are designed by head chef & co-owner Paolo Pomposi. There is no flavour that they can’t create; they even offer a selection of savoury options.

Everything is crafted using the age-old Italian traditions using only the finest ingredients.

Although you could opt for their speciality Buontalenti flavour cone, why not try one of their delicious and unique gelato popsicles or ice cream sandwiches instead?

These are made using the exact same recipe and high-quality ingredients as their classic gelato, instead offering it in a modern shape that is fun for the whole family.

Creams Cafe – New Rd, Whitechapel

Are you looking for an ice cream parlour with a wider variety of options? Well, then head over to Creams.

This dessert parlour in London offers a large menu of not only ice cream options but also waffles, freakshakes (next level milkshakes), crepes, sundaes, and hot cookie dough – that’s a lot of choices.

These delectable sweet treats are something out of a movie. The beautiful presentation alone is worth admiring, but when you start eating, you will see exactly why Creams made it onto this list.

They have a wide selection of 25 different gelato and sorbet flavours to choose from – all made using Italian methods.

Even though Creams might not look like a traditional Italian gelato shop, you will be whisked back to the homeland once you taste their ice creams.

Baked Dessert Shops in East London

Ice creams are great, but they aren’t always what you desire – especially on a chilly London day.

If you’re looking for something warm, crispy, beautiful, and unbelievable tasty, then you need to find some of the best desserts in London.

The Pastry Parlour – Piazza Walk, Whitechapel

There’s nothing quite like artisan pastries. If you are looking for a homemade pastry made in the same shop where they are sold, then The Pastry Parlour is exactly what you need.

When you enter, the first thing you will notice is the wide selection of pastries spread out in their beautiful glass displays.

They have plenty of treats on offer, including cakes, tarts, cupcakes, and croissants.

The croissants, both almond and regular style, are probably their most popular item.

These delicious homemade desserts are so good that you might forget that you’re in England and not its neighbour France.

Crêpeaffaire – Old Spitalfields Market

This is one affair that I can support. Crêpes are the delicious French-style, thin pancakes that many people know and love.

Do you like these sweet treats? Then head to Old Spitalfields Market in East London and visit Crêpeaffaire.

Most of their menu is made up of crepes, but don’t fear that your options are limited. They offer sweet, savoury, breakfast, vegan, and mini pancakes.

If you’re looking for dessert, then you’ll probably prefer to have a sweet or vegan pancake (or you can try out their waffle range).

If you’re in the mood for something savoury, head here for breakfast or lunch and enjoy one of their crepes stuffed with a wide variety of fillings.

Crosstown Doughnuts – Shoreditch, London

Crosstown Doughnuts is a London favourite, with multiple stores scattered around the city. In East London, your best choice is either the Shoreditch or Canary Wharf branches.

Here you will find an imaginative menu filled with doughnuts, cookies, and Italian-style gelato.

You can probably tell what the main focus is from the name – doughnuts. Although you should try one of these delicious treats, don’t forget to try out a cookie or ice cream at the same time.

The cookies are especially great, with a vast range of toppings and flavours to choose from.

Crosstown Doughnut’s menu is constantly being updated, with new and seasonal items added regularly.

Head down and enjoy a standard or vegan option – they’re well worth it. Once you’ve finished your snack, why not experience Shoreditch properly with a guided travel photography tour.

Pizza Union Aldgate – Leman St, Whitechapel

Why is there a pizza restaurant on a list of the best dessert places in London? Well, that’s because they create one of the tastiest Insta-worthy desserts around.

Next time you find yourself in the East of London, head over to Pizza Union Aldgate and ask for a Dolce Dough Ring – you won’t be disappointed.

These handmade desserts are absolutely incredible. Although they are very similar to regular doughnuts, there’s something about these hand-folded pastries that makes them extra special.

Maybe it’s the warmth of the Nutella, coconut, and mascarpone filling that comes oozing out. Or the crispy pastry exterior that crunches with every bite.

Whatever you love about them, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy this Pizza Union classic.

Konditor – Bow Lane, East City of London

Baked goods lovers should definitely head to Konditor while visiting East London. They are a bakery specialising in all sorts of delectable goodies, including cakes, brownies, tarts, and other desserts.

Whether you’re looking for something classic, like an old-fashioned chocolate brownie, apple crumble, or carrot cake, or something more unique, like a vegan cake, chocolate noisette cake, or holiday-themed desserts, Konditor has everything you need.

Their baked goods are all made with the finest dark chocolate, free-range eggs, and real butter – no margarine is used here.

All their desserts are baked fresh every day. If you want to take some of their creations home with you, why not order online and collect in-store.

Sweet – Mile End, Bethnal Green

Sweet is a great place for dessert in East London, with a wide selection of baked goods, delicious milkshakes, and yummy sundaes available.

Although they focus on a wide range of desserts, their baked goods are especially tempting.

They’ve got waffles, crepes, pancakes, cheesecakes, and cakes available – all of them looking mouthwateringly good.

What started as a small dessert shop has quickly grown into a chain with branches around the country.

The mission of Sweet was to combine a high-quality dessert shop with a casual dining experience.

The result was so popular that they just kept expanding. Why not go and see what all the fuss is about?

Special Dessert Places in London

Although you might have found a spot to crave your sweet tooth by now, this list isn’t finished just yet.

Now we have to look at some of the most unique and best dessert shops in London that couldn’t be categorised.

Here you will find some impeccable options, including homemade chocolates, the best puddings, and even bubble tea.

Make sure to read through these great spots before making your final decision.

The Urban Chocolatier – Davenant Street, Whitechapel

Don’t let the name fool you, even though they are called ‘Urban Chocolatier’, this dessert shop doesn’t only offer chocolate.

You’ll be able to find cold dessert drinks, churros, profiteroles, doughnuts, ice cream, and more. Although, most of these do have chocolate in them, one way or another.

Their menu alone is enough to write a post about, but instead of reading about it, the best way to experience these desserts is by tasting.

Head over to Whitechapel in East London and enjoy a delectable treat from their large list of options.

Their baked goods are especially beautiful, not only to eat but also for Instagram. If you’re searching for good-looking food to add to your camera roll, The Urban Chocolatiers have you covered.

Nosteagia – Spitalfields Market

Nosteagia is arguable the most unique option on our list. Have you ever heard of bubble tea? What about bubble waffles?

If you answered no to any of these questions, don’t worry, many people are in the same boat.

What started as a little stall has grown into one of the best places to get dessert in London. The key to their success is their two signature dishes.

The bubble waffle is very similar to a regular waffle, with the main exception being the cute bubble shapes.

The waffle itself is made crispy, but the inside of the bubbles are light and fluffy – the perfect combination.

These waffles are then folded, placed in a paper cone, and filled with all sorts of delicious toppings according to your preferences.

The Nosteagia Bubble Tea is another popular dessert. The delicious, sweet tea is complemented by the unique liquid bubbles that pop in your mouth – releasing a flavour of your choice.

Dark Sugars – Brick Lane, Bethnal Green

Dark Sugars is the best chocolate dessert shop in East London hands down!.

This exceptional chocolatier has two branches, both found on Brick Lane, where there are plenty of other fun things to do.

Anyone looking for something chocolatey in London should make sure to stop by this exceptional establishment.

Dark Sugars originally started as a stall. The owner’s family is from Ghana, where she spent a few years learning and mastering her craft of chocolate making.

Once she had perfected this art, she returned to London to open her own shop.

Since then, it has grown into the world-class chocolatier that you can visit today. Here you will find chocolate boxes, truffles, chocolate pearls, and even vegan options.

And don’t forgot to try their hot chocolate it’s one of the best hot chocolates in London. Once you head inside the shop, it’s quite difficult to leave.

Hawksmoor – Commercial Street, Spitalfields

Hawksmoor is a London-based restaurant and is a great place to enjoy a meal or signature dessert dish.

Named ‘Ambassador’s Reception’, this beautiful and unique dessert was modelled after a classic international treat from the 80s.

It’s a hazelnut-based chocolate dessert that contains quality dark chocolate, Nutella, and is decorated with a gold leaf.

This signature dish is a great one to add to your Insta-story and will have your friends and family drooling wherever they are.

Best Desserts in East London

What’s better than a delicious dessert after a meal? Don’t worry, I couldn’t think of something either.

The desserts in London are amazing. All you need to do is choose from the best dessert places on this list.

But why stop at one? Depending on how long you are staying in London, why not try to visit as many of these dessert shops as possible?

The more shops you visit, the more of the London dessert culture you will be able to experience. Now get out there and prepare your sweet tooth!

Grab this hassle free checklist of the top 90 things to do in London from a local, includes:

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