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A visit to the Cotswolds should be on everyone’s UK bucket list, and in this post, I’m giving you the lowdown. The best view in the Cotswolds.

This fascinating region is home to traditional stone houses, tranquil rivers and incredible rolling hills.

And, the wildlife roaming the landscape is an added bonus. It’s the ultimate British destination for a long walk in nature and admiring your surroundings.

So, where better to test out your new camera or add to your flawless Instagram grid?

This is a particularly popular spot for photographers and all kinds of photoshoots. There are many views and scenic areas to do this.

This list aims to help you find all the best places in the Cotswolds to take in landscape views, your friends and family or just a smashing selfie.

The best view in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds offer an abundance of landmarks, attractions and activities to explore. But, knowing which of these to prefer during a visit can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time.

Check them out and see which one fits your Cotswolds itinerary.

This list includes ten of the best so you can get off to a strong start and get yourself some memorable and beautiful pictures to admire once you get out.

Cleave Hill – The highest point in the Cotswolds

location | Cheltenham GL54 4EU, United Kingdom

There aren’t many places that can beat the scenery at Cleave Hill. Standing at the top, you will be 330 meters above the stunning landscapes and villages below. This is a really popular spot in the Cotswolds for photographers and anyone with a camera.

Located in Cleve Commons, the hill offers panoramic views of the River Severn, Winchcombe and Cheltenham, depending on which way you look.

There is a golf course on the commons, and you can even catch a glimpse of sheep grazing. For the perfect experience, you can hike for 2 – 3 hours to the top and arrive in time for a sunset shoot.

Poppy fields – colorful rural scenery

location | Condicote Poppy Fields B4077, Cheltenham GL54 1EY, United Kingdom

Undeniably some of the most beautiful locations in the Cotswolds, the poppy fields found throughout the countryside make for postcard-worthy photographs.

One of the best known of these vast fields of bright orange wildflowers is the Condicote Poppy Field, but there are others scattered throughout the Cotswolds.

During the blooming season, the fields are filled with magnificent poppies, creating a dreamlike scene.

Plan your spring outfit and pack your tripod, because this is the perfect spot for a new profile picture. Bring family and friends and enjoy the natural beauty.

Note: For more artistic flower photos, also spend some time in the Cotswolds lavender fields.

Sherborne Park Estate – a wildlife wonderland

location | Lodge Park, Aldsworth, Cheltenham GL54 3PP, United Kingdom

If you are looking for somewhere to photograph wildlife in a beautiful green environment, Sherborne Park Estate is the perfect place. Here you will find an array of 18th century buildings, wildlife, woodlands and birdlife.

You’ll often find groups of people walking through the estate, and a big attraction are the working water fields.

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Practice your photography and stroll through parks and estates. If you are calm and observant enough, you can find a beautiful dragonfly and add it to your Instagram feed. Near the park and estate, you can also visit the Deer Park.

The Old Mill in Lower Slaughter – historic and beautiful

location | Mill Ln, Lower Slaughter, Cheltenham GL54 2HX, United Kingdom

Situated in one of the prettiest Cotswolds villages, it is the area’s top tourist attraction. The site dates back to the 14th century, and a mill is as old as that doomsday book of 1086.

Photos of the mills will be appreciated by all your friends (and followers) and being right on the river, there are also amazing views of the water.

You can browse the Old Mill Museum and grab something from the gift shop while you’re here.

Bourton-on-the-Water Bridge – Best views of the Cotswolds River

location | Bourton-on-the-Water, above the River Windrush

You can’t take a photography tour of the English countryside and not visit a place called “The Venice of the Cotswolds”. Bourton-on-the-Water is a magical Cotswold village with traditional stone houses and quaint streets along the River Windrush.

The main attraction of the village, especially if you are practicing your photography skills, are the many low bridges dating back to 1654.

Try to find them first thing in the morning or at sunset. This will give you unforgettable scenes to capture, and you may miss the crowds of visitors who want to see them for themselves.

Broadway Tower – “Tallest Tower in the Cotswolds”

location | Middle Hill, Broadway WR12 7LB, United Kingdom

Set at 312 meters above sea level, Broadway Tower There is a small folly in the middle of the field, which offers views across the countryside.

It sits on Broadway Hill, and from the top, you can see up to 16 counties. There is also the chance to catch a glimpse (and photograph) of the resident red deer.

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The area is loved by locals and visitors alike, making it a lovely place to stroll and breathe in the fresh country air.

There is a cafe in the tower, so you can do your morning commute and still enjoy the view with your coffee or afternoon tea.

Dover Hill – Home of the original English Olympic Games

location | Weston Subage, Chipping Campden GL55 6UW, United Kingdom

Another spectacular view is from the top of Dovers Hill. This viewpoint is at the top of the Cotswolds Way walking trail and offers panoramic views of the surrounding scenery.

The hill is a natural amphitheater and was once home to the original English Olympic Games. Every year groups of people still gather to participate in the odd ‘sport’, but you don’t have to participate to enjoy the photography opportunities.

Park your car at the car park and then take a 7-minute walk to the top of the hill. You will be immediately rewarded with the following scene.

Bibury – One of the best villages in the Cotswolds

location | Cirencester, The Cotswolds, United Kingdom

This is one of the best locations in the Cotswolds for a good selection of photo opportunities. The delightful village features honey-coloured stone cottages against a backdrop of English countryside.

Striking Town is famous for these houses and will make a stunning photograph.

You’ll find this postcard-worthy scene in Arlington Row – it’s known as one of England’s most photographed houses, which is no surprise really.

Just remember to be polite and not invade the residents’ privacy. There are also fun family activities to do in the village, so make a day of it.

Burford – one of the prettiest Cotswold villages

location | Cotswolds, United Kingdom

One of the best towns in the Cotswolds to add to your Instagram feed, Burford offers quirky and charming scenes throughout the streets. Take a trip to Burford Hill for stunning morning photos and stop at one (or more) of the picture-worthy cafes.

The High Street is a fabulous place to take photos but be warned, it can be full of parked cars.

Weekends are also very busy in town, so it’s wiser to try to visit during the week. Then, you’ll have a little more space to take stunning photos.

Crickley Hill – Another of the great Cotswold Hills

location | Cotswold Way, Gloucester GL4 8JY, United Kingdom

In 1974 this natural spectacle of a hill in Gloucestershire became a Biological and Geological Site of Special Scientific Interest. It’s a great place to explore the surrounding countryside and there’s also a cafe and picnic area to enjoy.

There is plenty of wildlife to see here, as well as archaeological wonders. The area is great for walking, and many people bring their dogs for walks.

Even if you are just going to take a few photos and go on your way, the beauty will captivate you at least for a moment.

Best time to visit Cotswolds viewpoints

The Cotswolds will be stunning any time you visit, but for really great lighting, dry weather and blooming flowers, May is the perfect time.

Because of Easter, this month tends to be less crowded than you might find in early spring. And that’s right before the summer tourist hordes descend on the Cotswolds.

Final thoughts on Cotswolds viewpoints

Whether you’re looking for spots to snap Insta-worthy images while visiting the Cotswolds or you’re looking to expand your photography portfolio, this viewpoint is ideal.

From pretty Cotswolds villages to hills that offer panoramic views of the countryside, there’s beauty all around. As well as historic buildings and bridges, there is something to please every taste.

If you are a big fan of the English countryside and enjoy shooting landscapes and wildlife, the Cotswolds will not disappoint.

There’s so much to see and capture, and if you catch it all in the right light, you’ll capture a fascinating memory.

Where are your favorite places to take photos in the Cotswolds? Let me know in the comments below.

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