You’ve probably heard of London’s ridiculously popular Oxford Street, the 1960s-style King’s Road and the Beatles’ famous Abbey Road. These well-known streets and lanes are a must for first-time visitors to London and attract millions of tourists every year.

But if you’re like me and enjoy getting off the beaten track, there are some Hidden streets of London You will have to see for yourself.

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Head down Lambs Conduit Street and enjoy a glass of wine with the owners of the quirky mix of intellectual and unusual shops. Foodies will love catching up with the gastronomical paradise that is Seymour Place.

Whatever your taste, add a few of these hidden London gems to your exploration plans and you’ll have a trip to remember. Especially after watching Farting Lane…

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12 Street Secrets of London: Hidden Gems

Without further ado, here are your 12 Street (read: State) secrets in London. Remember to take your camera to get some snaps for Instagram.

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Seymour Place

Seymour Place is easily overlooked due to its proximity to the attractive Chiltern Street in the Marylebone area. This London hideaway is just a short walk from Marble Arch, Baker Street and Bond Street. Easy to reach by tube, car, train or foot.

It may not offer the best in terms of retail sales, but culinary fans will love the diverse selection of global cuisine. Enjoy finger food at Donostia with some Basque-inspired tapas and pintxo dishes. Or, sink into a cozy seat while appreciating a British classic at The Portman Pub and Restaurant.

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St. Christopher’s Place

Another treasure off the beaten track in London is St Christopher’s Place. You’ll find it off Oxford Street – just keep an eye out for the purple clock on Oxford that marks the entrance. Many buses also stop outside this entrance, so it is not difficult to find.

Londoners love this social hub with its morning coffee stops and outdoor dining. Do your shopping at an outdoor table and host the pig at one of the area’s twenty-plus delicious eateries. There are also many independent shops and high-fashion boutiques for casual browsing or dedicated consumerism.

Marylebone Lane

When people think of Marylebone, most people think of the glittering, glittering high street. Many people walk past the historic Marylebone Lane entrance without a key. That’s a shame because this off-the-beaten-path London road has a wealth of dining options and boutiques along its narrow streets.

Indulge your inner boho chic with a visit to VV Rolex for your ribbons, tie-backs and tassels. Head to old fashioned Paul Rothe & Son for some delicious jams and good sandwiches. There’s also the fancy 108 Brasserie for cocktail lovers. Try the espresso martini for an interesting take on two favorite drinks.

Lamb’s Hose Street

Secret yet central, Lamb’s Conduit Street is a short walk from The Bloomsbury and The British Museum. If you’re looking to see quirky, unusual places in London, spend an afternoon on this street of oddities.

Your first stop should be the legendary darkroom with its striking black walls, geometric patterns and stunning accessories. For us feminists, Persephone is a delight as it publishes out-of-print books by its 20th century women writers.

Baked goods are also readily available, with plenty of apron-clad shopkeepers and counters full of pastries to whet your appetite. stay at Holborn Bay Just 100 meters from this street if you are looking for nearby accommodation.

St. Martin’s Courtyard

City vibes and an oasis atmosphere coexist in the heart of Covent Garden at St. Martin’s Courtyard. It’s an open-air dining sensation with popular restaurants like the buzzy Indian restaurant Dishoom and the Italian wine bar, Dalla Terra.

The courtyard also hosts many events and promotions throughout the year, making it a truly lively area to visit. It is a hot destination for pre-theatre and post-retail dining. You can pop in here and catch your breath amidst the fun, sometimes crowded activities of London.

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Berwick Street

Also known as the ‘Golden Mile of Vinyl’, Berwick Street is a haven for musos. The street was the inspiration for the Oasis album cover, making it an Instagram favorite in London.

In you can find the vibrant Berwick Street Center of Soho. Vintage lovers will swoon over old-school fashion and bespoke tailoring. London’s music scene has plenty of record shops to soak up.

Berwick Street is also a highlight for foodies as it hosts one of London’s oldest markets – full of fresh artisan bread loaves, fruit and flowers.

Kingley Court

Considered a hidden gem of Soho, Kingley Court is a three-storey mini-mall with food as the order of the day.

You’ll have to loosen your belt before dining at one of the exciting bars, cafes and restaurants in this foodie paradise.

Many of these establishments are temporary pop-ups with new eateries opening most of the month. There is always something different so your taste buds are never bored.

You can find Kingley Court off Beak Street in Soho. A narrow lane leads you to this dining destination – a secluded retreat from the hustle and bustle of the West End. It’s a great choice for winter travel, when open-air dining can get a little frosty.

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Brompton Cross

Avoid the crowds on Kings Road. Take a detour to Brompton Cross, famous for Michelin House BuildingFirst permanent UK headquarters for Michelin Tire Company Limited.

Once you’ve “tired” yourself into checking out the commercial history, there’s also an array of fashion outlets and exciting art galleries to explore. It’s also incredibly dog-friendly, so feel free to march your little Fido around the restaurants and shops with you.

Little Compton Street

And now for something completely different. A street that once was. This is one of the best hidden gems that London has to offer because it is buried and hidden.

A quick history lesson, Little Compton Street was destroyed in 1886. It was demolished to make way for a connection between Oxford Street and Trafalgar Square.

To find it, visit the traffic island at the intersection between Old Compton Street and Charing Cross Road in Soho. Look down through the metal grate and you’ll find two Victorian-age street names in the wall below the grid, one of which is the name of Little Compton Street.

Farting Lane (aka Karting Lane)

You’ve been waiting for this since it was mentioned in the introduction, right? Farting Lane, actually Carting Lane, got its name from its storied history. The street houses London’s last surviving sewage lamp.

This Webb Patent Sewer Gas Lamp Built as a way to burn off foul odors and germs from London’s sewer system. It was a low-maintenance way to keep London’s lights on.

You’ll find quite a bit of harmless research around this novel and its back Savoy.

Acton Muse

Picture cobbled streets and railway arches, and you’ve pretty much summed up Acton Mews in Hackney. Even better, London’s hidden gem embodies all things hipster. Grab your yoga mat and check out the cultural site, trip space, or hit Berber and Q for flavors from across the Middle East, North Africa, and the Ottomans.

One of London’s best kept secrets, you’ll find this beauty near Hagerston Station. Take a stroll and find your converted factory houses and stunning waterways. Then head to Drafts Bar and Cafe for some competitive board games.

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Formosa Street

If you’re looking for a secret photography spot in London, visit Formosa Street in Maida Vale for some lovely sunset old architecture cityscapes. Located between Regent’s Park and Kensington Gardens, it’s a great place for a day out in warm weather.

The neighborhood has a block of local restaurants, including a Victorian pub called the Prince Alfred. There is also the Waterway pub on the canal at the end of the street. End the day here with a sunset on the terrace. You will understand why this area is known as Little Venice.

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Ready to experience London off the beaten track?

You may have taken a look at London’s top hidden gems. From cheeky Farting Lane to the buried treasures of Little Compton Street, you’ll love discovering these secret spots in London.

But, before you start exploring London’s secret spots, be sure to check out my city travel tips. This is the best way to prepare yourself so that you have an unforgettable, stress-free trip.

Get this hassle-free checklist of the top 90 things to do in London from a local, including:


✅ Top free things to do in London

✅ Cool tourist and non-tourist things

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