Located on the coast southwest of Málaga, Marbella is an incredible place to visit during a trip to Spain. Not only are the beaches stunning, but there are heaps of great things to do in Marbella scattered throughout the city. It is incredible.

Now, you can easily visit Marbella and stay for a few days while driving between the best places in the south of Spain. That being said, you can also have Marbella as your main destination. On my last visit, I stayed for about a week and rented a car to explore some of the wider area.

So, to help you get the most out of your time visiting Marbella, I’m sharing my top spots you won’t want to miss. Have the best time visiting Spain.

1.) Trip to Marbella Beach

One of the things that makes Marbella special is the incredible beaches that are totally pristine to explore.

Before arriving in Marbella, make sure Book this dolphin watching and sailing trip From the port itself. You will spend around 2 to 3 hours navigating the Spanish coast and you can even spot the northern tip of Africa or Gibraltar in the distance.

Just make sure Book this tour Before reaching Marbella. Tickets sell out fast and you won’t want to miss out on your trip.

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2.) Puerto Banus Beach

just shy of Marbella Harbour, Puerto Banus Beach Having lunch in the port area itself is really easy. Not only is it convenient to visit, but it’s also really pretty.

Once here, be sure to hire one of the sun loungers and hang out Aurora Beach Banus For cocktails and sangria. Best of all, the waters around Puerto Banús Beach are nice and calm. However, always take extra care if you are visiting with children.

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3.) La Alameda Park

Not far from Venus Beach, Alameda Park is very easy to visit and a great place to visit if you’re looking for a cooler day out.

Dating back to the 18th century, Alameda Park has a main promenade where you can stroll or go for a little picnic. Yes, it may not be the biggest park to visit; But still quite beautiful.

Afterwards, head to Marbella’s Old Town and visit Taberna La Niña del Pisto. Their tapas and salmorejos (like gazpacho) from this area are very good.

4.) Marbella Old Town

In many ways, Marbella’s Old Town is one of my favorite places in the city to explore. Best visited on foot, be sure to explore the alleyways, small alleys and main streets that are lined with charming bars and taverns.

Once here, be sure to stroll around Plaza de los Naranjos which dates back to the 1400s. Afterwards, go up Grabado Español Museum. Here, you can explore modern art from Spain’s local and national artists. Visits take about 30 minutes and are well worth it.

Afterwards, be sure to visit the Encarnación Church. Entry is totally free and the centuries-old artefacts inside are worth visiting.

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5.) Rally Museum

If you’re a fan of contemporary Latin American artists and their work, you’ll love the Reilly Museum. One of the best things to do in Marbella is if you love art history.

You see, the Rally Museum Featuring artworks and performances by Latin-American and European artists. The visit takes about 25 minutes and is very easy to explore if you are already at Rio Verde Beach.

6.) Hike La Concha

Looking for a more active trip to Marbella? Then be sure to hike La Concha, one of the highest mountains near Marbella. It is one of the best things to do in Marbella, especially if you are an active hiker and have good experience.

You see, this trek will take a whole day (10 to 12 hours) to complete completely and it can be tough at times. This, combined with the summer sun, makes it suitable only for experienced hikers.

Now, one of the best ways out of Istan, and I am Connect with the trail We used, if you want to experience it.

As always, wear sensible shoes, tell others where you’re going (and your route), carry at least 3l of water each and plenty of snacks and SPF.

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7.) Nagüeles Beach

Located on the coast of Marbella, visit Naguelles Beach One of the best things to do in Marbella is if you’re a beach bum. It is a beautiful and relaxing place to spend some time in the city. Also, it is within easy reach of local tavernas and restaurants.

Feeling peckish? Head for Lobito de Mar Marbella. Here, you can try some local seafood (their smoked sardines are incredible) and the cocktails are just as good.

8.) Plaza de los Naranjos

Briefly touched on when I talked about Marbella’s Old Town, Plaza de los Naranjos is a place you shouldn’t miss. One of the best things to do in Marbella is if you want to explore the city’s amazing history.

Dating back to 1485, the Plaza de los Naranjos is lined with tavernas and restaurants, making it the perfect spot for an evening on the town.

Now, what I will say is that although the restaurants are okay (and in beautiful settings), they are not necessarily the best restaurants in Marbella. So, my advice is to go here for a few drinks before dinner and stroll around to some other delicious places in the Old Town itself.

For a delicious dinner, head over The Farm Restaurant There is flamenco dancing and their lamb chops are delicious.

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9.) Puerto Banus

To the south-west of Marbella’s Old Town, Puerto Banús is a gorgeous harbor area with one of the region’s richest bays.

Now, prices around Puerto Banús can be quite high, but it’s worth a visit for dinner and drinks in the evening. That being said, if you want to avoid inflated prices, head to Marbella’s Old Town instead.

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10.) Avenida del Mar

Just shy of Venus Beach, Avenida del Mar is one of the best things to do in Marbella while strolling from the beach to Alameda Park.

Along the route, you will find sculptures and collections of Salvador Dali that line the route. Now, Avenida del Mar is not a destination in itself, but it is so easy to see while strolling around Marbella.

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11.) Cabopino

Looking for somewhere a little quieter? Then take a taxi or drive there Cabopino. One of the best things to do in Marbella is walking along the beach.

You’ll see, you’ll find boardwalks, majestic sand dunes and Ledron’s Tower on the shore. We loved visiting and it was a nice and quiet area. It is much cooler than the city.

However, remember to have plenty of snacks, drinks and plenty of SPF.

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10 of the very best things to do in Malaga

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