This is a quick one!

The afternoon really began in Muizenberg …

…quickly followed by a visit to Boulders Beach to see the penguins.

And although a visit to the Cape Peninsula was ultimately where we were going, a little stopover in Simon’s Town is definitely worth it on your drive out of Cape Town.

To be fair, if you’ve already stopped to see the penguins, you’re already in Simon’s Town so you might as well do a little tour around town and maybe even stop for lunch.

We picked a spot right on the harbor which was perfect for watching water sports enthusiasts (and shark cage divers) getting ready to go out…

Although the food was a bit hit and miss.

…ok-ish prawns.

Delicious melted Camembert…

…and an even better salad

Hot Fish Cake Peeping…

… and a brilliant seafood platter!

Given the mish-mash of mains and starters, we decided to skip dessert and hit the road.

When you leave, don’t forget to check out the view of Simon’s Town from the mountain trails…definitely worth it before heading to the Cape Peninsula! 🙂

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