Color tends to speak for itself.

There is no real need to explain the appeal of a colorful travel destination. Controversial colorful city/town/village photos are enough to fool tourists around the world!

I have always been a fan of colors. At home, in my travels… even in my meals and looking at my photos from last year, my attraction to the colorful travel destination seems more evident than I used to realize. Here are the 14 most colorful places I visited last year!

1.) Cinque Terre

Read more from Cinque Terre here.

2.) Bergen

Read more from Bergen here.

3.) Fuerteventura

Read more from Fuerteventura here.

4.) Reykjavik

Read more from Reykjavík here.

5.) Stavanger

Read more from Stavanger here.

6.) Cape Town

Read more from Cape Town here.

7.) Helsinki

Read more from Helsinki here.

8.) Bristol

Read more from Bristol here.

9.) Flame

Read more from Flame here.

10.) Isles of Scilly

Read more from the Isles of Scilly here.

11.) Gosek

Read more from Gosek here.

12.) Gdansk

Read more from Gdansk here.

13.) Antigua

Read more from Antigua here.

14.) Florence

Read more from Florence here.

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