1. Muslim Street has an interesting history

Muslim Street, also known as Huimin Ji, is located in the center of the Chinese city of Xi’an. The street dates back 1,300 years to the ancient Tang Dynasty when Xi’an was known as Chang’an and served as the beginning of the famous Silk Road trade route.

Many Muslims settled in Chang’an as traders, missionaries, and ambassadors traveled the Silk Road from Central Asia and the Middle East.

They were given land near the Royal Mosque established by the government to allow for their religious practices. Over the centuries, the area around the mosque developed into a prosperous Muslim quarter in Xi’an China.

Today, Muslim Street serves as the living heart of the Muslim Hui community in Xi’an. As you walk down the street, beautiful Chinese-style mosques with attractive mixed architecture stand alongside bustling halal restaurants and food stalls, Arabic signs and men wearing traditional Chinese hats and women in colorful headscarves.

Neighboring Silk Road trade routes and the long history of Islam in China provide an eye-opening glimpse into the incredible ethnic diversity.

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