With so many churches, parks and stunning bridges to see in Porto, many people wonder ‘How many days are enough in Porto??

This can be difficult to answer because, of course, everyone has their own preference list, personal budget, and unique time schedule.

Porto has plenty to enjoy, from the Douro River to the surrounding wine country. And regardless of how long you spend here, you’ll find enjoyment in every corner.

This guide is here to help you plan your trip to this captivating city and ensure you make the most of any time you have.

How long should I stay in Porto, Portugal?

How much time you spend on your Porto vacation depends on a number of factors. The city is worth at least 2 days, but has a wealth of discoveries for those who can stay longer.

Let’s take a deeper look at how much time you need to spend in Porto.

Things to consider when thinking about how many days to spend in Porto

  1. Your schedule – Are you visiting Porto on a long trip to Portugal, or is this your only stop? How much time do you want to dedicate to this city?

  2. Your itinerary – If there are specific attractions and activities that you are looking to enjoy in Porto, you need enough time to do them.

  3. Your budget – How long can you stay in the city? You will need to determine how much you will spend on accommodation, food and entertainment.

  4. season – Porto has great weather, but it’s always best to check what you can expect before you go. If there are only a few good days before it rains, you may choose to cut your trip short and chase the sun.

Are 2 days in Porto enough?

Porto is not a huge city, so you can easily see many of the best sights in two days. Although this may seem too short for some, if you visit other parts of Portugal during a longer stay, 48 hours may be more than enough.

If you plan well you can fit a lot into a two day trip. It is most possible when you stay in the center so you don’t waste time traveling from your accommodation to attractions.

Is 3 nights in Porto enough?

A weekend in Porto is ideal if you just want to see the main attractions as well as discover some hidden gems. Done well, three nights allow perfect time in the city.

An extra night can mean the world of difference when you’re in love with this historic yet vibrant city.

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Is 5 days in Porto too long?

Spending more than a few days in the city can mean you run out of new things to see, but only if you rush your Porto itinerary. More time means lazing on beaches, meeting locals and getting a taste of the city more from a tourist’s point of view.

If you have extra time, it’s worth a leisurely 5-7 days in the city to take in the wonders of the historic city. Or use the extra time for a day trip from Porto.

Places you must see in Porto (in 3, 4 and 6 days)

There are many interesting places to see and things to do in Porto. How much you manage to see and do during your time in the city will greatly affect the length of your trip. These lists include must-dos as well as activities that you can fit in if you’re staying longer.

What can I do in Porto in 3 days?

Three days gives you plenty of time to visit all of the city’s unforgettable landmarks. Between trying out some fun restaurants and cafes in Porto, there’s plenty for you to see.

It’s a good idea to plan a walking tour on your first day and spend some time exploring your surroundings. Visit the Old Town, take a few pictures of the spectacular sights and tick a whole bunch of major attractions off your list. Just be sure to pack walking shoes and be prepared to be on your feet.

Your second day is an ideal time to visit the many churches and cathedrals in Porto. Be sure to hop on one of the trams for a scenic ride through town and stop at one of the cafes for an authentic one. Pastel de Nata. Take advantage of the gorgeous sunset and spend the evening in Porto’s Foz do Douro district.

Your final day offers the perfect opportunity to visit some of the last urban destinations. Head to the Monastery of Serra do Pilar for incredible views. Then take the cable car up to Jardim do Moro, a hilltop green space.

Here is a list of must-sees for your visit to Porto.

  • Porto Old Town

  • Douro River

  • Clerigos Church and Tower

  • Palacio de Bolsa

  • Porto Cathedral

  • Sao Bento Train Station

  • Dom Lewis I Bridge

  • Parish Church of Santo Ildefonso

  • Carmo Church and Carmelite Church

  • Serra do Pilar

  • Foz do Douro

  • St. Francisco Church

  • Jardim do moro

  • Bolhao Bazar

  • Chapel of Santa Caterina

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How can I spend 4 days in Porto?

An extra day means more exploring! Whether you’ve planned another day or made a spontaneous decision to stay a little longer, there’s still plenty for you to do.

You must have covered all the important places during your first few days. So now you can choose one or two activities that may take longer, but will give you a deeper look at the city. Here are some top recommendations for adding to your 4 days in Porto itinerary.

  • admirer Casa da Musica

  • Visit the Liveraria Lello Bookshop

  • Have a picnic in Porto City Park

  • Shop on Rua das Flores Street

What to do in Porto in 6 days

If you have more time to enjoy the city, there is time for longer activities. Tours and guided activities allow you to explore more of Porto’s hidden gems along with sightseeing. Here are some options to suit your time:

If you’re taking a solo trip, check out my list of fun things to do alone in Porto.

Where to stay in Porto

Choosing a central accommodation, especially for your first trip, will save you a lot of time, money and hassle. There are some great places to stay in and around central Porto, but there are also charming medieval hotels and BnBs a little outside the city hub.

Here are some of the top Porto districts, based on what you’re looking forward to the most:

Best for sightseeing: Ribera – Preferred Hotel: Ribeira do Porto Hotel

Best for nightlife: Vitoria – Preferred Hotel: Vitoria Apartments

Best for shopping: Ildefonso – Preferred Hotel: Pestana Porto – Goldsmith

Best for an authentic Portuguese feel: Cedofeita – Preferred Hotel: Art Sensation

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What is the best time to visit Porto?

Porto is a gorgeous city all year round, but depending on your preferences, the city offers ideal times to visit. Many people enjoy traveling to Portugal during the spring season, which falls between March and May. However, autumn is also a popular holiday season.

If you want bright, sunny skies and don’t mind crowds, summer is the ultimate time to travel. As September ends, the city sees rainy days and cooler temperatures.

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Is Porto worth visiting?

Porto has plenty of treasures for you to explore, from some of the best brunch spots to the gorgeous architecture in the streets. The city is a must-visit for anyone looking for a trip steeped in history and cultural experiences.

So, how many days should you spend in Porto Portugal?

The length of your visit ultimately depends on your own time, money and travel wishlist. I wouldn’t suggest less than 2 days, but 3 or 4 would allow for a more comfortable stay.

And if you have extra time and you’re not sure where to spend it, don’t hesitate to spend some time in the city. Whether you choose to spend two days or a week in Porto, be sure to take your time soaking up the city’s energy.

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