Wondering what to do for a weekend in Riga Latvia? Well, this Riga weekend guide contains helpful information on the best things to do in Riga, where to find art nouveau buildings in the city centre, the House of the Blackheads, three brothers, and where to stay for your very first trip to Riga.  

Riga is both the capital and largest city of Latvia. It’s one of the three Baltic states (Estonia and Lithuania being the others) and one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. 

It has all the charm you would expect from a classic European city but without the massive tourist crowds and large price tag. This makes visiting Riga all the more enchanting. If you’re spending a weekend in Riga, this travel guide will guarantee that you have the most magical two days in this quaint Latvian city. 

Before visiting Latvia, I’d never heard of Riga before, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t either. I was visiting Riga to attend a travel conference because I’m trying to grow my side hustle aka – this blog. 

I also had the chance to spend a few extra days in Riga and visited the town of Cesis, which I highly recommend if you are planning a visit to Riga. Riga on the surface seems to lack the elegance and modern transformation of larger European cities, like Paris, London and Italy. 

The country is very much still recovering from Soviet occupation and the World War II bombing, and this can be seen in the older parts of the city, in the stories of the people that have lived through it and their way of life.

But to me, this is what also makes Riga interesting, unique and full of character as a city. There is a story behind every corner, and the residents of the city are one with nature. This makes Riga city break a top pick for nature lovers and holistic travellers.

Wondering what to see in Riga in 2 days? read on

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