Do you want to know how to spend the perfect weekend in Antwerp? Well look no further, here you find a guide on what to do, see and eat lots of Belgian chocolate on a city break to Antwerp.

I’m going, to be honest, Antwerp was not on the list of cities to visit this year guys. But hearing that Buju Banton, (for those that don’t know he is a big reggae artist – just Google him), was on the leg of his European tour and performing for one night only in Antwerp! I knew by hook or by crook I am going to see him perform.

I grew up listening to him, seeing him on TV and his music is legendary darlings. But I had never seen him live, and my Jamaican ass had to see this reggae legend in action.

Long story short he was epic – doing a 2-hour set filled with hit, after hit, after hit and had the 30,000 strong crowds at Reggae Geel Antwerp dancing and chanting his name.

It was good vibrations all around.

Anyway, I had a chance to wander around the city of Antwerp for two days. The ideal city break.

And boy was I impressed with this compact city. I’ve created an Antwerp itinerary of all the cool things you can do in Antwerp in two days.

Antwerp is a real hidden gem of Europe. And not just because it’s the diamond trade capital of the world.

But if you genuinely want to see how Europe from the 1600s meets a modern version of itself, spend a weekend in Antwerp.

It blends a lovingly preserved history with a vibrant, trendy nightlife and entertainment scene, as well as top-class shopping and fashion.

This makes an Antwerp city break a fantastic option for a quick European weekend getaway.

Let’s explore all the best options available when enjoying a weekend in Belgium’s best city (sorry, Brussels).

A day trip to Brussels and Bruges is doable if you are spending a few days in Antwerp and what to explore more of Belgium.

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