Looking for a weekend in Prague itinerary? This id the perfect guide to spending a weekend in Prague Czech Republic. This post contains helpful information on where to visit and what to see, plus other things to do on your Prague city break.

Prague has flown under the ‘destination to visit in Europe’ radar for a few years now. But this medieval city is a treasure trove of cobbled streets, ancient castles, Czech beer, gothic churches, art-nouveau and baroque architecture and pastel-coloured buildings make for a splendid visit to the Czech capital.

Known as the Bohemian capital of the Czech Republic or the “City of a Hundred Spires” due to its numerous churches. It’s no wonder why a weekend in Prague is the new thing to do. 

Not to mention the Easter and Christmas markets, unique art, cheap and easy accessibility from major European cities. My first time in Prague was extremely short, just 24 hours. But I can still remember vividly how the golden light from the sun washes over the cute pastel-coloured buildings, revealing the intricate details of these centuries-old buildings.

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A day in Prague was just not enough to see everything that this under the radar European city had to offer. So, I promised myself I would return for a longer Prague trip to discover more things to do in Prague Czech Republic.

When I did finally manage to visit Prague again, I thought it would be helpful to note what to do in Prague for 2 days and put it together to share with you on your city break to Prague trip. This 2 days in Prague itinerary will give you a glimpse of how best you can spend your visit. 

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