If you’re wondering how to spend a weekend in Bath UK, this 2 day Bath itinerary is filled with amazing tips on what to see and do for a weekend. Like visiting the Roman Baths, climbing the Abbey or visiting the Bath Skyline to get epic views over the city centre and much more. If you are planning a weekend trip to Bath, this guide is for you.

As I stepped outside my Airbnb and walked towards Bath City centre I quickly agreed with their rave reviews.

Comments about how beautiful and relaxing the city is to visit were true. The streets are lined with honey-coloured Georgian houses, and the air is crisp and fresh.

Now, I could see why Bath has been attracting visitors for over 2000 years with its famous mineral-rich natural hot springs here, impressive Roman Baths, and honey-coloured Georgian streets.

I can sum Bath up in two words: relaxing and beautiful. Around every street corner and every footpath, it’s like Bath is beckoning you to relax, to stroll around and listen to the ever-present squawking seagulls overhead. If you’re looking for more on London then read my London travel tips guide.

There is something about Bath that forces you to slow down, relax and take in every little detail of your surroundings. Bath has a slower pace than London.

I’m sharing my 2 days in Bath itinerary to give you ideas of top things to do in Bath, what to eat, and how to make the most of a weekend in Bath.

Lots of people take a day trip from London to Bath, but I think a weekend in Bath is ideal. You can leisurely take in all the sights, instead of rushing around just ticking sites off your list.

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