The speciality coffee scene has grown immensely in London over the years with independent roasters and cafes springing up everywhere.

Those who love coffee know that these types of cafes bring something a little more interesting to the table that massive franchises struggle to.

Some of the best coffee shops in London offer new and unique espresso-based drinks or alternative brewing methods to bring out all the rich flavours of their curated bean blends.

Coffee shops in Shoreditch might be the go-to but there are some amazing other ones scattered all over London. 

Where To Find the Best Coffee in London

You might be wondering how you will be able to choose between all the different coffee shops in London? With all the different roasters and types of coffee available, it can be quite the tall order. Well, keep reading to see which London cafe is right for you.

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Best Coffee Shops in West London

Navigating the streets of west London to find your daily dose of caffeine is not as tough as you might think with the number of nearby coffee shops.

Omotesando Koffee

There are many places for coffee in London with minimalistic decor and then there is Omotesando Koffee. This famous Japanese-style London coffee shop should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. With their roots in Japan, they arrived on UK shores recently and are making a name for themselves.

The interior is near ultra-minimalistic with limited seating available and a nice relaxing atmosphere. They take their coffee seriously and research their markets before entering so if the area has a preference for a darker roast, they will start serving that instead.

Their snacks are simply delicious, the custard cubes are something that you need to try. Grab yourself a box of five and their famous iced Omotesando Koffee . This cup of greatness is an iced cappuccino that has a layer of milk foam covering it and a dash of cocoa powder to finish.

Location: 8 Newman St, London, W1T 1PB

Flat White

Paying homage to the land that created this legendary coffee, Flat White brought the artisan coffee scene of Australia to the shores of the UK. Opening in 2005, they have been around for some time now providing excellent coffee to locals and Aussie expats alike.

If you want a strong cup of joe, you’ll find some of the best coffee London has to offer at this cafe, and double shots are standard. Flat White serves only the best with their beans being sourced from a highly acclaimed Swedish supplier, Drop Coffee Roasters. It is all about the flavour of the coffee with the tasting notes of their single-origin roast coffee really coming through.

For those who want something more than just coffee, their food is simple with an all-day breakfast on the menu. They do what Aussies do best, brunch with their bagels and especially their smashed avo on toast. For something sweet, their in-house baker has you covered with freshly baked banana bread and more.

Location: 17 Berwick St, London, W1F 0PT

Abuelo Coffee

This cafe in London is an interesting mix between Australian and South American coffee shops. Everything about this place makes you feel as if it is a special experience. As soon as you step inside this bohemian-styled cafe, you will feel right at home and instantly comfortable.

They take their coffee seriously here and practice ethical trading by buying their coffee from the farmers themselves directly. Imagine the best South American coffee beans partnered with the Aussie barista-style, sounds like a winning combination right there. Make use of their outside space and take in the sights and sounds of Covent Garden.

The people behind Abuelo were some of the pioneers of Australian coffee culture from way back in the late 80s. Safe to say that they know a little bit about coffee. Pair your coffee of choice with some of their amazing breakfast options on offer. These combos will stand out on your Insta stories with how beautiful they are.

Location: 26 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7RS

Kaffeine Coffee Shop, London

Kaffeine is a top contender for the best cafe in London, especially since they are recognized for their high standards within the specialty coffee scene.

This independently-owned espresso bar sets the benchmark across their two locations for coffee in London.

If you are serious about your coffee and a daily hit of caffeine, this cafe in London has everything from artisan coffee beans to different brewing methods.

Kaffeine is another London coffee shop that chooses to use Square Mile Roasters as their preferred supplier, so you’re safe knowing that the quality is top tier.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, they also offer courses for you to learn or develop your coffee-making skills.

Their menu changes every week so visiting frequently is something that you should plan ahead on and get used to and enjoy all the different flavours on offer. Their baked goods are worth the wait, especially their ANZAC biscuits, an Australian favourite and tradition.

Location: 66 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7QJ

Monmouth Coffee Company

Monmouth is one of the oldest roasters in London, starting their pursuit of achieving coffee perfection back in 1978. This coffee shop has honed their craft over the decades and now is seen as a powerhouse within the London coffee scene.

This roastery has travelled to the ends of the earth to source their beans from the single estates, cooperatives and farms. These relationships lead to stunning coffee on the shores of the UK with seasonal changes in their blends with different tastes throughout the year.

This change in blends so frequently brings more excitement to your morning cup of coffee. From their store in the Borough Market to their home in Covent Garden, these locations are subtle with modern-decor inside and friendly, knowledgeable staff with a smile on their faces.

You will need to bring your own reusable coffee cup though or partake in their loan cup scheme as they no longer stock disposable takeaway cups. Grab one of the delicious pastries on offer from Babelle and Sally Clarke sold inside as well.

Location: 27 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9EU

Curators Coffee Studio

The name of this coffee shop says it all, Curators Coffee takes their craft very seriously and serves a curated selection of coffee and food. When it comes to a local coffee shop in London City, this is a great choice to spend a few hours sitting and watching the world outside pass by.

Not only is this a great place to sit and sip on your coffee, this is where you can grab your coffee equipment and supplies to brew your own coffee at home. The interior is small but homely with limited seating but bright and fun decor. They stock Girls Who Grind coffee, with their Costa Rican blend being a firm favourite and one that they use in their grinder a lot.

Their food is simple with the carrot cake and various pies and pastries being the perfect on-the-go snack with your coffee. Their kitchen also creates fresh food for breakfast with breakfast bowls, artisanal sandwiches and home-made granola for you to take home.

Curators play host to a range of different art exhibitions and events at their store so you can take a break from people watching and enjoy some incredible artwork inside.

Location: 51 Margaret St, London, W1W 8SG

% Arabica

% Arabica was founded by the owner for the simple reason that they needed an amazing cup of coffee everyday.

For something that started small, it has grown into a global franchise today. Walk into their cafe and you will be met with white walls bathed in a warm orange glow.

The interior is true minimalism-decor with some Japanese flair to it. Their Macha lattes are a smart choice and are something a little different.

This is also one of the most Instagram-worthy coffee shops in London so keep those cameras at the ready to post your % cup of coffee.

Location: 5 King St, London, WC2E 8HH

Gentlemen Baristas

The Gentlemen Baristas opened their first space with one goal in mind– providing a creative space that will serve as a meeting place that inspires those who step inside. If you need a place to go to brainstorm your next big idea, visionaries are welcome here.

They have since grown to over ten locations in London, even opening their own roastery to create the perfect blend of beans.

A nice quirk of this coffee house is that all their coffees are named after hats. Why hats you may ask? Well, their first store opened opposite a tophat-maker so they took inspiration from that and have gone with it since then.

Don’t mistake them as a coffee shop, they prefer to be known as a coffee house, to pay homage to the coffee houses that inspired them. They want you to feel at home, which is easier to do in a house and not a shop.

Their Bowler and Boater single-origin blends are a must-have and they will even grind them to suit your preferred brewing method to take home with you.

Location: 162 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9EF

Workshop Coffee

If you want to escape the insanity of Oxford street, you can take refuge inside this modern and warm coffee shop. The interior is super clean with a minimalist aesthetic and a few splashes of colour throughout the coffee bar. Coffee is taken seriously here with a few different brew methods on offer, Aeropress being a good option but a classic espresso should be your first choice.

Their beans are sourced directly from farmers with the aim of promoting the best coffee from these working relationships. They carefully curate their coffee selection and ensure a consistent taste throughout, no matter the brewing process.

Tuck into one of the snacks on their menu or relax with your favourite caffeine-based drink away from the crowds. If you happen to fall in love with any of the coffee, they even have a little retail section to get your coffee fix on at home.

Location: 1 Barrett Street, London, W1U 1AX

Best Coffee Shop in East London

Did someone say cafes in Shoreditch? Yes, you can find some of the best coffee near and in east London for you to grab a coffee while on the run in the morning.

Dose Espresso

When it comes to cafes in London, Dose is renowned for producing amazing coffee on a consistent basis. You can grab your morning coffee which will be made from carefully selected Square Mile Roastery beans. They even bring in beans from guest roasters on a regular basis to add some diverse tasting notes.

This place takes coffee seriously, it has one of the best coffee machines on the planet,  used by a pro barista to give you perfect coffees with some cool latte art to go with it. The interior is small but bright with large windows to gaze out of and watch the world pass you by while sipping on your cortado.

They serve a great selection of food and snacks but their grilled bacon, halloumi, and spiced avo ciabatta are a must-try. For those with a sweet tooth, the salted caramel brownie will hit the spot or any of their other pastries for that matter.

Location: 70 Long Lane, London, EC1A 9EJ

Allpress Espresso Roastery and Cafe, London

Out of all the best coffee shops London has to offer, Allpress Roastery is generally considered to be the finest.

This cafe calls an old joiners factory home after they took the rundown building and transformed it into the coffee haven that you see today.

The space is quite large with immense amounts of natural light filling this rustic-style coffee house.

Allpress is environmentally aware with solar panels powering their coffee roasters, machines, and everything else. The coffee they roast produces a lovely smooth taste with their signature flavour.

The smell of fresh coffee being roasted will get you excited for your espresso or flat white, made with passion by experts.

The food is simple with different breakfasts and dishes for lunch on offer. There are also vegan options and perhaps best of all, the cafe is pet friendly so your doggo can stop by and relax with you and your coffee while watching the roasting process happen in front of your eyes.

Location: 55 Dalston Lane, Dalston, London, E8 2NG


If you are looking for a cafe in Central London, Prufrock Coffee is a lovely little place to recharge with your morning coffee. With an interior of white walls and wooden finishings, this bright and modern environment is a popular meeting spot for locals to gather in.

Three coffee-lovers founded this cafe with the goal of serving food and coffee with a smile that makes you happy.

Prufrock is always experimenting with different techniques to bring out the different flavours of the coffee with a constantly changing coffee menu. With amazing coffee from Square Mile Roasters, you need an equally amazing menu and Prufrock delivers with local ingredients.

The kitchen brings a small, seasonal breakfast and lunch menu with the Prufrock Benny being a stand out or their range of sandwiches for a quick snack. For those with a sweet tooth, the lemon and berries little cake will satisfy those sweet cravings.

Prufrock also caters to those who aren’t coffee-lovers by offering a selection of limited-edition teas. There is something for everyone here, that is for sure.

Location: 23-25 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TE

Paper & Cup

Shoreditch coffee shops are famous throughout London for one reason or another,  and Paper & Cup is no different. This is a little social enterprise cafe that brings a lot of value to not only those who need their coffee or a place to work but to those who work there.

This quaint space is warm, welcoming, and actually pretty nice and quiet if you need a place to work for a little. Once you step inside the bright blue door, you will feel right at home. You can even bring your furry friend with you as they are a pet-friendly cafe.

This place is a blend of charity store and coffee shop that uses the profits to train future baristas who are in recovery programmes to help them move towards a new life. Their coffee is great and so are the snacks on-hand, a perfect place for a quick stop on your daily adventures.
With beverages at affordable prices, free WiFi to keep you connected throughout the day, and knowing that every coffee you buy is helping others, what is not to like?

Location: 18th Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch, London, E2 7JP


A newcomer to the London coffee scene, Rosslyn opened its doors in 2018 with a focus on serving what tastes good and not caring about trends. They have pulled their resources to have what they believe are the best of the best from their products to their equipment.

The owners are Irish and Australian so you can expect the high standards that are normally associated with an Aussie cafe but within a friendly Irish pub-type environment. You’ll find coffee from roasters around the world, from Australia to Denmark and other countries. Their coffee is carefully curated by using specific beans for certain drinks to highlight the flavours and methods.

The inside is pure elegance with a modern and bright decor. If you are wanting something very special, ask for the off-menu coffee. These are very special blends that only have a limited number of servings so get in and ask before they are sold out.

There is not much food available, it is mainly just some snacks and a few other baked goods so this is more of a cafe to fulfil those caffeine needs instead of having a full breakfast.

Location: 78 Queen Victoria St, London, EC4N 4SJ

Nude Espresso

When it comes to coffee in London, Nude Espresso has been one of the pioneers within the UK speciality coffee movement. Nude works with coffee farmers all over the world to purchase their beans and create amazing seasonal blends.

Everything is made on-site with full transparency on the process, to ensure a sensational coffee experience.

Step inside their bright, modern cafe and you are instantly aware of the passion that Nude Roastery has for their coffee.

Their brunch menu is available every day with their selection of pastries and cakes baked fresh every single day. The staff is incredibly friendly and the environment is warm and inviting.

This is one of the top independent coffee shops in London serving quality coffee. They even do various popup stores around the city so keep an eye out for the bright red setup that is Nude Espresso. What’s better than starting your day with a hot flat white and a buttery croissant?

Location: 26 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR

Origin Coffee

When it comes to specialty coffee, Origin Coffee is one of the heavy hitters not only in the London coffee scene but in the UK. You could say that they are a little obsessed when it comes to coffee but, Origin really focuses on every detail when roasting and brewing their specialty coffee.

They source their coffee through direct trade, creating partnerships with coffee farms all around the world.

For over 15 years, Origin has been feeding Londoner’s caffeine needs with their curated coffee selection. This is a coffee lover’s paradise with different coffee enthusiast and training courses available to participate in. Step inside and choose your favourite brew method from Aeropress to V60 pour-over and your bean of choice to go along with it.

Their Shoreditch flagship store is home to their brew bar and an incredible mural on the wall, something that will definitely catch your eye inside the modern-industrial interior.

Location: 65 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3PE

Best Coffee Shops in South London

Venturing into the south of London, there are a few hidden gems when it comes to looking for a warm cortado or flat white to get you through the day.

Tried & True Cafe

Tried & True is an independent cafe that came to London with two goals in mind; sell the best coffee and the best food. This brightly lit cafe brings the vibe and coffee culture from New Zealand where everyone can collect for their flat whites and eggs benedict.

Take your flat white or cortado and tuck into their amazing food. Their bagel is delicious while their avocado smash is another classic and favourite. For something a little different, try out their pulled pork benedict while relaxing inside their bright and airy decor.

The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming with the friendly staff ready to give you your caffeine fix. With Square Mile Roastery coffee beans feeding their grinders, they will look after you with their quality coffee.

Location: 279 Upper Richmond Road, London SW15 6SP

Over Under Coffee

Over Under is a great place to grab a coffee in London and offers a little something different that sets itself apart from some of the other London coffee shops. You could spend all day here with coffee and amazing food to keep you going until work is over and happy hour kicks in. With stores all over London, there are a few locations to choose from.

After hours, this cafe turns into a bar which is great for intimate get-togethers, or after-work drinks. Over Under prides itself on being a fun place where any pretentiousness is left at the door, and the goal is to have a positive impact on your day. The bright pink facade will immediately catch your eye as you come in and make for some good Instagram snaps.

They use their own range of coffee that is made in collaboration with the renowned Assembly Coffee with all direct-trade beans. What also makes this one of the best coffee places in London is the fact that they have their own app. You can order your coffee ahead of time and skip the queue when you arrive. Grab their famous Reuben toastie while you’re at it or one of the delectable pastries on offer.

Location: 181a Earl’s Court Road, London, SW5 9RD

Black Sheep Coffee

From its humble beginnings as a small stall within Camden to the famous global coffee franchise that it is today, there is no denying that Black Sheep Coffee is a brilliant coffee shop. Praised as innovators in the coffee industry, they have their own line of signature drinks to choose from.

The Black Hoof and Vietnamese Iced Coffee are solid favourites but if you want something very different then grab yourself a Tumeric latte. Pick from a range of their own speciality beans, from Robusta to Arabica.

They take their coffee really seriously by being the first in the world to serve Robusta beans on the market that are first speciality grade.

Step inside one of their stores with its modern-industrial decor style and prepare to be met with a warm welcome and friendly service, with plenty of coffee options to choose from. When it comes to snacks, their Norwegian waffles are a must-try, especially the peanut butter and banana one or the strawberries and cream waffle.

For any coffee-lover out there, you can leave the herd behind and visit one of Black Sheep’s lovely coffee shops.

Location: 81 Southwark St, London, SE1 0HX

Kapihan Coffee

Found in the small corner in south London is a family-run coffee shop, Kapihan. Here, the Motley family aim to bring the flavours from their Filipino pastries and delicacies. They are highlighting the coffees of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Indonesia.

These countries have become popular as of late for their specialty coffee beans after being overlooked for a long time.

Think accents of caramel and peaches when it comes to Filipino coffee. If you are a coffee fanatic then this is a must-visit place. Their signature coffees are like nothing else you will find in London. The Barako and Spanish Latté are a must-try, along with their Pandesal Knot, a Filipino classic and the perfect coffee companion.

For something really special, try the Pan De Coco or the Bibingkanita. You will not regret this, it will have you coming back to this independent coffee shop.

Location: 13A Parkgate Road, Battersea, London, SW11 4NL

Best Coffee Shop in North London

Take to the north to experiment with some new and different coffee shops. For something a little quirky and quaint, there are some beautiful cafes.

Boulangerie Bon Matin

When it comes to London cafes, this independent coffee shop brings a taste of Paris to north London. The owner learnt the art of pastry in Paris and finished at the top of his class when he completed his studies at one of London’s best culinary schools. So you can be assured that you will find one of the best food in London here, the perfect partner with your coffee.

The coffee is all single-origin and sourced from a local roaster in London where the expert baristas are trained to extract the perfect coffee for the smoothest sips ever.

From classics like cappuccinos to the more inventive matcha-infused drinks, there is something here for everyone. You simply will not be able to resist the display of all the incredible pastries and delicacies. Serving spectacular fresh-baked goods every morning, along with some healthy salads with Mediterranean and Parisienne influences in a friendly and vibey atmosphere, what is not to love?

Location: 178 Tollington Park, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3AJ

Towpath Café

If you are taking a walk along the canal then you would happen to come across this peaceful and charming little cafe. Pick up a coffee from the barista, sit back and relax while watching the ducks and swans as they swim past. A nice little touch is their focus on creating less waste, no takeaway cups here so either bring your own reusable cup or you will simply have to relax and enjoy your coffee here with one of theirs.

The food is absolutely incredible and everything that comes out of this small kitchen is worth the wait. The grilled cheese is just to die for, that, with a cortado on the side on a cool autumn afternoon is a great way to spend lunchtime.

The vibe is relaxed with the tables outside being the perfect place to indulge in a little people watching as the world passes you by, sipping on your espresso-based drink of choice.

Location: 42 De Beauvoir Cres, Haggerston, London N1 5SB

The Coffee Jar

Away from the hustle and bustle of the Camden Market, you will find this little vibey coffee shop. Although it can still get a little busy on the weekend, you will be able to find a spot somewhere inside. The Coffee Jar is pretty cosy and has become a favourite amongst locals, especially with all the incredibly tempting treats scattered on the countertops.

The coffee beans come from a local favourite, Monmouth Roasters, so you can be assured that your drink will have fruity and chocolate hints. This Boho-style cafe does things a little different with mismatched cutlery being a highlight, a little quirk that makes them stand out. If you aren’t too hungry, don’t worry as the staff are very accommodating and will offer half-portions of the different brunch items on the menu.

Their toasties are a hit, especially the chorizo with feta and tomato one but don’t sleep on the chicken escalope either as that will put a smile on your face.

Location: 83 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7PP

Front Room Cafe

Fresh food that is made from scratch and great coffee, all within a warm and friendly environment. This is what awaits at the Front Room Cafe. This is a busy community cafe so be prepared for a blend of locals and visitors whenever you step inside.

The walls inside are plastered with art from local artists, providing some talking points for the table while the free Wi-Fi will also help for any business meetings or emails that simply cannot wait.

This is a quirky place that serves Allpress coffee, some of the best coffee around. Their menu specials change on a regular basis so you can try something new every time you visit. From fully cooked breakfasts to brunch classics like eggs benedict, breakfast is always a winner here.

For something a little heavier, grab one of their burgers with your coffee and tuck in to fuel yourself to get through the rest of your day.

Location: 158 Tollington Park, London, N4 3AD

Final Thoughts on the Best Cafes in London

London has become a powerhouse when it comes to artisan coffee as the coffee scene continues to grow around the world. From those that have grown into a franchise to being a  little cafe that supports the local community, there is a cafe for everyone and every budget in London.

The options are near limitless, the question remains though, which one of these London coffee shops are you going to visit to grab your coffee for your morning walk in one of the best parks in London?

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