The retreat at the Blue Lagoon is simply breathtaking.

So much so that we always make it a point to stay at the Blue Lagoon whenever we visit Iceland.

It's actually something of a tradition now because we did it on the first trip and since we have such fond memories of it, it's become a must-do on every trip to Iceland.

It's really close to the airport so it seems very practical too.

Our rest day earlier wasn't quite as relaxing but being able to see puffins so closely (and for free – without any tours) and deerholes (finally!) meant that the downtime at the retreat at the Blue Lagoon was something we looked forward to. So much so that we showed up 3 hours before check-in opened.

Let me show you around the room and common area here.

The rooms are absolutely gorgeous but in the stripped-back minimalist style that Iceland and many Nordic countries are famous for.

There's champagne to welcome you in the room and everything in the minibar is included with your stay – even alcoholic drinks.

And it's all topped up/replaced with an evening turndown service.

On this trip, we actually tried to book the Silica Hotel at the Blue Lagoon but as I mentioned in this post here, hotel bookings are wild in Iceland in the summer.

Many were sold out and the Silica Hotel at the Blue Lagoon was one of them.

This left us to book The Retreat at Blue Lagoon and that's how we stayed.

The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon however only takes things up a notch compared to the Silica Hotel at the Blue Lagoon.

Actually some notes.

For starters, you're greeted with champagne while check-in staff walk around to make sure you have everything you need.

The main spa is here and they have this thing called The Rituals which is like a skin cleansing and rejuvenation treatment, which to be honest, I rolled my eyes at first.

I guess I was just skeptical because I've been to a lot of spas where people try to sell you this idea of ​​giving you this amazing treatment that's unique to them, but really you don't feel any different than any other spa, or the way you did. was Spa to start with.

Still, here we were and I decided we had to try it.

It is so worth it by the way.

Your skin looks incredible and even for days after, I'll forget we did it and wonder why my skin looks and feels so good and then the memories of the treatments we had here will come flooding back.

I cannot recommend it enough.

You are not allowed to take photos in the spa so I can't show you much there.

There is also a private blue lagoon area that only guests of the Retreat at the Blue Lagoon can visit (even if you are paying to go to the spa) and I now realize you are not allowed to take photos there but we Indeed we were there.

To be fair, it was quite late and there was no one else around so it didn't really matter much.

It was great not having anyone else around because it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

Afternoon tea is also provided as part of your stay here and apart from that and a visit to a restaurant for dinner, we spent the whole day relaxing in the warm waters of The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon.

It was magnificent.

It was also the perfect rest stop before attempting to hike back up to the nearby erupting volcano. Read all about it in this post here.

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