Thursday, July 11, 2024

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Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort is thrilled to host an exclusive pop-up event featuring Singapore’s renowned Indian restaurant Yantra. This special event, which runs from July 25 to August 25, will offer a sumptuous fusion of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine celebrating the rich diversity of India’s gastronomic heritage.

Led by expert culinary historian Pritha Sen and Executive Chef Pinaki Ray, the event titled “Yantra Unveiled” is set to deliver a memorable dining experience. The chefs have created a menu that marries great respect for culinary traditions with a modern twist, featuring both vegetarian and meat-based dishes. These creations use exotic and high-quality ingredients from the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, ensuring that each meal is a unique sensory exploration.

The prasadi on the yantra has different flavors and stories. Chaat Banarasi is a nod to the ancient traders who popularized this tasty snack across India, while techniques like skewered grilling, a Mughal legacy, highlight dishes like Paneer Achari Tikka.

Diners can also indulge in the Himalayan flavors of Ema Datshi, a traditional Bhutanese and Tibetan chili-cheese soup, or savor Chingri Malaikari, where freshwater king prawns are delicately cooked in a rich coconut cream curry with authentic Bengali spices. Which makes the whole personified. Prosperity and tradition.

Other Yantra specialties include Sutta Goshta, a mutton dish carefully slow-cooked for over four hours, and Purani Dilli Murg Makhani, a tribute to post-Partition Delhi’s butter chicken dishes. Additionally, Ma Di Dal offers a taste of Punjab with its rich, creamy black dal that is slowly prepared over a wood fire.

Experience Yantra’s exceptional cuisine at Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, beautifully situated on the banks of the scenic Chao Phraya River. This unique dining event invites you to explore India’s rich culinary landscape through dishes that describe its depth and diversity of flavors. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in this innovative interpretation of classic Indian cuisine.

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