Thursday, July 4, 2024

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UN Tourism is set to emphasize cooperation and investment in Africa’s tourism sector at the Regional Conference on Brand Africa on July 22, 2024 in Livingstone, Zambia. The event aims to highlight the continent’s growth potential and position Africa as a top global destination.

Conference Highlights

Brand Africa Think Tank

The conference will feature a closed-door session called the Brand Africa Think Tank. The gathering will involve top CEOs, General Managers of National Tourism Organizations and private sector stakeholders to develop effective marketing and branding strategies. The focus will be on rebuilding post-pandemic market confidence and showcasing Africa’s natural and cultural assets.

Investment trends and opportunities

A dedicated session will highlight global tourism investment trends with a special focus on Zambia. Experts will discuss sustainable development opportunities and strategies to attract tourism investment. The session aims to provide insights into the current landscape and future potential of tourism investment in Africa.

Launch of “Doing Business Guidebook for Zambia”.

One of the key outcomes of the conference will be the launch of the “Doing Business Guidebook for Zambia”. These guidelines will provide practical guidelines for sustainable tourism development in the country. It aims to attract investors by providing comprehensive information on the business environment, regulatory framework and investment opportunities in Zambia.

The importance of collaboration

The event emphasizes the importance of collaboration between sector leaders, Member States, civil society and business stakeholders. Working together, these stakeholders can amplify the voice of “Brand Africa” ​​and drive the continent’s tourism sector forward.


The second edition of the Regional Conference on Brand Africa represents an important step towards unlocking the region’s tourism potential. Focusing on effective marketing strategies, investment opportunities and sustainable development, the conference aims to position Africa as a leading global destination.

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