Wednesday, June 26, 2024

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Raptive, a leading creator media company, hosts “Independent Day” on Capitol Hill, connecting independent content creators with lawmakers in Washington, DC. Google and Open AI.

Highlighting the concerns of its community, Reptiv has gathered 13,000 creators and their supporters who have signed a public letter urging Congress to address the unauthorized use of copyrighted material by AI systems. This practice, they argue, threatens the livelihood of creators by scraping content without permission.

The creative economy in the US, now valued at $100 billion, is expected to nearly double to $192 billion by 2027. Independent creators play a crucial role, generating significant income through their websites and supporting jobs across the country. Despite the benefits of AI, 92% of creators express apprehension about its potential harmful effects. Rapid AI advancements could reduce the income of independent creators by 25-50%, posing a significant threat to their economic stability.

Public sentiment strongly favors government intervention, with 72% of Americans supporting measures to curb the influence of AI on the creative industries.

To protect the independent creative economy, Raptive and its supporters present key demands to lawmakers:

  1. Enforcement of Copyright Law: Support intellectual property rights to ensure creators retain ownership and control over their content.
  2. Promotion of Fair Compensation: Advocate for revenue-sharing and licensing agreements to fairly compensate creators for their content used in AI training.
  3. Ethical AI Design: Ensure that AI-powered products, especially search technologies, do not divert traffic away from original content creators.
  4. Fair Competition: Establish rules to prevent AI products from competing unfairly with independent content creators.
  5. Responsibility for Big Tech: Address anti-competitive practices by big tech companies that threaten the viability of independent creators.

“Independence Day” serves as a key moment for creators to amplify their voices and push for legislative actions that protect their rights in advancing AI technologies. By advocating for fair use frameworks and competitive protections, Raptive and its community strive to secure a sustainable future for independent creativity in America.

“Policymakers in Washington, DC must understand how AI developed and implemented by companies like Google will negatively impact their own constituents. In an election year, millions of small businesses across the country face an existential threat to their livelihoods as their original materials are scrapped and reused to make new products. This is being done without consent or compensation, which is a major threat to a free and open internet.” said Lisa Bryan, founder of Downshiftology. “I stand with Raptive in demanding rights and protections for independent publishers, creators and business owners.”

“Raptive’s 5,200 creators have produced 25 million pieces of copyright-protected material alone—all of which were scrapped to create new AI products. without consent or compensation,” Raptive CEO Michael Sanchez said. “These small businesses have done the work that makes the Internet the essential resource we trust and love. Yet these new AI products — from OpenAI, Google and others — take revenue and original content from publishers and creators and give nothing in return. This is very wrong. We’re on Capitol Hill today with independent creators to make sure our voices are heard and that we protect their livelihoods from the dangers of unchecked AI development.”

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